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MYSTERY NEIGHBOR STOLE Share the Love CAR !! (Golden Present Intercepted) from Sharer Fam House
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in Grace Sharer last vlog “SPOTTED MYSTERY NEIGHBOR using MiNi RC CAR GADGET leads to TOP SECRET ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE” you saw Grace Sharer was on a TOP SECRET SPY MISSION with the super cute dogs and puppies COOPER SHARER and BABY OTTER to search for new evidence and clues about the MASKED MAN. This could be more clues that lead to the PINK AND GREEN MASK person who was creating the MASTERMIND FLOODING ZONE in the SHARER FAM HOUSE BACKYARD! Luckily Grace has an EPIC BRAND NEW IDEA to use a BRAND NEW SPY GADGET SNOWMOBILE SNOW MACHINE. Grace’s new SPY GADGET is a RC CAR TOY that can drive in the snow and discover new clues from the Masked Man to see if they are associated with the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTERS ELLEN AND KAREN. To spy on the mystery person, Grace attaches a MINI GOPRO SPY CAMERA with tracking device and hidden microphone to the MINI CAR because the Mystery Person will not know who is controlling the car! Similar to JohnnyQ90 “Making a DRIVETRAIN and Installing the Micro V4 ENGINE on the RC Car!” Graces RC Car has a NEW TECH CENTRAL CONTROL PANEL SWITCHES which allows it to go super fast like 100MPH. First Grace has to LEARNING A BRAND NEW SKILL IN 24 HOURS because she doesn’t know how to drive the RC CAR! One she figures it out, its time to begin the spy mission on the mystery man. Once Grace starts exploring, she see a Secret Green Note that looks like the Masked Persons mask! The weird thing is that the note initially appears to be blank, maybe it has writing on it using INVISIBLE INK with a BLACKLIGHT CAMERA? Once Grace continues exploring, she sees the MASKED PERSON CHASING THE CAR! Luckily Grace escapes and begins surveillance on the backyard of the Sharefam House except then she sees the Masked Person holding a MYSTERY BOX like MYSTERY BOX UNBOXING CHALLENGE to win $10000 CHALLENGES. You won’t believe what happens next when Grace sees the MASKED PERSON ON THE PHONE WITH SOMEONE LIKE THE GAME MASTER!

Today in Grace Sharer new vlog Grace is in the basement with plans to totally TRANSFORM the SHARER FAM HOUSE BASEMENT into a BRAND NEW HOUSE RENOVATION like a house flipper. As Grace is going through her plans to sort and organize the basement, she pulls out the TIME MACHINE GADGET that she has been hiding from the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTERS who have been trying to STEAL THE TIME MACHINE GADGET! Before Grace can escape the Sharer Fam House and head back to LA Los Angeles, she must hide from the mystery neighbor and not let the PINK AND GREEN MASK PERSON search for her and find her to PRANK ON GRACE SHARER and STEALING TIME MACHINE GADGET. While Grace is talking about the construction in the Sharer Fam house backyard, someone anonymous rings the doorbell and runs away, except after they leave, Grace realizes they left a note on the front door! Similar to Chad Wild Clay “DANIEL'S DOG TAKEN BY HACKERS IN NEW YORK CITY Spending 24 Hours in Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge” Grace picks up the note and realizes it has TOP SECRET WRITING in MORSE CODE and also mentions the present that the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN stole from Grace. You won’t believe what happens next when someone steals the Share the Love Bug and leads Grace to the Post Office UPS STORE to recover her present!

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