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Kahibi Thakura Authare Tote | Sourav Nayak | New Jagannath Bhajan | Bikash | Riyamusic Bhaktisagar
Riyamusic Bhaktisagar
Riyamusic Bhaktisagar 2.93萬 粉絲數 115 總影片數 425萬 總觀看量 2022-07-17 發佈數據更新時間 2022-10-02
點讚比例 5.58%
粉絲觀看率 5.6%
影片預估價值 58.55元 - 263.46元
粉絲互動率 17.09%
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"RIYA MUSIC BHAKTI SAGAR " Presenting A Devotional Odia Songs
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✽ ଗୀତ:- କହିବି ଠାକୁର ଆଉଥରେ ତତେ
✽ କଣ୍ଠ :-ସୌରଭ ନାୟକ
✽ ଗୀତିକାର:- ବିକାଶ ଚନ୍ଦ୍ର ସାହୁ
✽ ସଂଗୀତ:- ଅଜୟ ବେହେରା
✽ Production: Riya Music Bhakti Sagar
✽ Contact no- 9337139603, 9861450320

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