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ThoR 💢 AttitudE sTatuS #shorts #pubg
Mahara 470萬 粉絲數 309 總影片數 20.06億 總觀看量 2022-11-15 發佈數據更新時間 2023-01-29
點讚比例 7.53%
粉絲觀看率 19.6%
影片預估價值 4.31萬元 - 15.11萬元
粉絲互動率 7.62%
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This attitude status Video on YouTube. As | talked about Best avengers pubg status on youtube previous video , although I'll talk about hulk & iron man attitude pubg status, this video mainly focuses on attitude of pubg conqueror.

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My real name is Sandeep soni & this channel is one of my internet persona ‘Mahara. Currently, | am 16, and | aim to spread the knowledge pubg with this channel. This channel is based on My research and observations on youtube Hope you enjoy the journey!