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Lellobee City Farm - Cartoons & Kids Songs
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Lellobee City Farm is a new kids cartoon show from the creators of CoComelon.
It is a fun, music-based show for preschoolers, 2-5 years olds. The show is set in the fantastical urban micro-farm, where neighborhood kids gather to play, sing, help each other and learn.

00:08 Baby's Got A Boo Boo
02:06 No No Spooky Monsters Song -Dress Up on Halloween
04:08 This Is The Way - Bedtime Routine for Kids
06:04 Learns Shapes Colours and Numbers - Finger Family Muddy Puddles Song
08:04 Rain Rain Go Away - Playing in Puddles with Friends
10:04 Peekaboo
11:48 Baa Baa Black Sheep
13:43 Learn Colors
15:39 Learn To Swim Song
17:39 Bedtime Song
19:40 Ice Cream Song
21:40 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star V1
23:32 ABC Song V1
25:06 Sick Song
27:08 Baby Shark - Dance Together!


Oh Dear, You
Is everything ok?
Has Baby got a Boo Boo Today?

Let me help you wipe your tears away
To make you feel better again
It was only a scrape
Now you can go outside and play

Oh Dear, You
Do you feel ok?
Has Baby got a Boo Boo Today?

Did you bang your knee a little bit?
It might look red now but don’t worry
It will soon go away
Now you can go outside and play

Oh Dear, you
Is everything ok?
Has Baby got a Boo Boo today?

Did you bump your head running around?
With a little rub and a little hug
You’ll be happy again
Now you can go outside and play

Oh Dear, you
Now everything’s ok
Well, Baby got a Boo Boo today.

With all the boo boo’s, and bumps you had
You felt sad for a little while
But you’re smiling again
Now you can go outside and play

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The Lellobee Farm is looked after by Mei: a bright, music and food-loving grandmother. She enjoys nothing more than teaching her adventurous granddaughter Ella all the wondrous magic and fun of the farm. Ella’s best friend Rishi, a shy but curious boy who lives opposite the farm, drops by each episode to muck into the fun too!

Each episode explores a huge array of subjects: from the environmental “How do plants grow?” to any social, emotional, and educational developmental skills (Caring, Sharing, Nurturing, Patience, Collaboration, Teamwork, Exercise) to Hard Learning (Counting, ABC’s, Animal Sounds).

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