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Thekla Hutyrova 2015 XMA/Tricking Reel
Thekla Hutyrova
Thekla Hutyrova 249 粉絲數 38 總影片數 2.04萬 總觀看量 2015-01-27 發佈數據更新時間 --
點讚比例 97.8%
粉絲觀看率 100%
影片預估價值 1054元 - 1873元
粉絲互動率 4.92%
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This is my latest demo reel that I will be using for the first part of 2015! I'm especially excited about this one because it is beautifully and professionally fined and edited. Credit goes to Renick Turley for cinematography and editing. Music is Frozen Lights by Daniel Antonescu. I do not yet have rights to use the music and own nothing except for the choreography in this video. Technically, the clips are mine too.

Big thank you to Mark Hemblem who graciously let us film in his art gallery for the first shots.

Higher Definition Version Available Upon Request


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