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How to Test and Replace a Bad Car Battery (COMPLETE Ultimate Guide)
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ChrisFix How to test a car battery 12v car battery car wont start clicks when I start the car parasitic draw alternator test
Is your car battery dead? Need a new car battery? Learn how to test if your car battery is bad and how to recharge a dead car battery. Also learn which car battery is best for your car. In this video I show you how to test your car battery with a multimeter, clean corrosion from the battery terminals, test your alternator, test for a parasitic draw, load test a battery, and replace a car battery properly. I also show the inside of a car battery with a bad cell and I show how batteries work with multiple grids and how they go bad with heat, vibration and corrosion. And finally I show you the main difference between the different grades of battery and which is right for you.

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