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Step-by-Step Tutorial | Heat Transfer Method | Lavender & Rosemary's Herb Garden Cold Process Soap~
Ladybug Lane Soaps
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Products used in video(s):

Oval 12 cavity mold from Nurture Soap:

12-Pound Slab Mold from Nurture Soap:

12" Large Tall Loaf Soap Mold Thick Lip Silicone Rectangular

Castor Oil:

Non-Stir Palm Oil: Crafter's Choice:

Sodium Hydroxide:

Sodium Lactate:

Coconut oil:

Shea and Cocoa Butter:

Buds Workshop: Etsy
Bud Haffner no long makes wooden soap cutters or log spitters. In its place he uses black powder coated metal and high density polyethylene plastic.


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