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Riding a Bike Song! | @Lellobee City Farm - Cartoons & Kids Songs | Learning Videos For Kids
Moonbug Kids - After School Club
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Daddy is teaching Mia and her friend Oscar how to ride a bike!
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00:08 Riding a Bike Song - Trying Something New
02:08 Soccer Song - Working as a Team
04:03 Baa Baa Black Sheep
05:57 Baby's Got A Boo Boo
08:00 Ocean Lullaby
10:00 Work Work Work
12:01 Old MacDonald Had A Farm - Tractor Song
13:59 Mr Golden Sun Song - We Love Flowers
15:55 No No I Don't Need Help Song - I Can Show You How
17:50 London Bridge Is Falling Down - Indoor Fun With Friends
19:55 Splish and Splash - Baby Bath Song
21:59 Yes Yes Vegetables Song
23:55 No No Spooky Monsters Song
25:57 This Is The Way - Bedtime Routine for Kids
27:53 10 Little Buses

Bicycle! ...... Bicycle!
Learn to ride on just 2 wheels!

Today my daddy took my bike
Removed the little wheels
So four wheels became just two
How different it now feels!

At first, I wobbled everywhere
But daddy was there to help
I got more and more confident
Until I did it by myself!

Bicycle! ...... Bicycle!
Learn to ride on just 2 wheels!

When you try something new
It takes time to know what to do
And keep trying is the clue
It's the same for me and you!

Bicycle! ...... Bicycle!
Learn to ride on just 2 wheels! YEAH!

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