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أغنية يا خراب يا منعوف ( بدون إيقاع ) - أداء و غناء حسين و زينب
Hussein and Zeinab.
Hussein and Zeinab. 174萬 粉絲數 177 總影片數 8.44億 總觀看量 2020-01-16 發佈數據更新時間 --
點讚比例 71.4%
粉絲觀看率 100%
影片預估價值 560.69萬元 - 1009.24萬元
粉絲互動率 0.35%
أغنية يا خراب يا منعوف بدون إيقاع حسين و زينب أغنية يا خراب يا منعوف بدون إيقاع يا خراب يا منعوف حسين و زينب video song Hussein and Zeinab
New song : Ya kharrab ya man3ouf ( without music )
Hussein and Zeinab

This song is an example of children especially boys who are always messy and lazy in their house, they wille just care about playing and eatingwithout caring about the mess they leave after what they do, which was represented Hussein. On the other hand we can see the caring girl that exists in every family, she was represented by Zeinab in which she tries to clean all the mess Hussein is doing and making him help her by warning him and making him realize what he is doing. But ofcourse all this was made in the funny and humurous way we get used to see by Hussein and Zeinab.

يا خراب يا منعوف
حسين و زينب

الشاعر حسن رشيد

ألحان/ توزيع / هندسة صوتية
حسين جابر

تصوير / مونتاج / إخراج
زهرة حدرج عزالدين


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