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24 Simple 3 Ball Juggling Tricks in China
Eclectic Amusement
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I filmed 24 simple 3-ball juggling tricks in the coolest places I could find in China. This isn't a tutorial... there are plenty of those on YouTube! This is just a demonstration of some simple tricks so you can see their names and what they look like. Then you can get some inspiration and decide what to learn next.

I know Mill's Mess doesn't really count as 'simple,' but I added it to this video because it's such a popular trick that you should learn it as soon as possible.

The intermediate and advanced videos will be coming soon, so make sure to subscribe!

Song: Dreams by Joakim Karud

Tricks in order of appearance
1. Cascade
2. Half Shower
3. Reverse Cascade
4. Columns
5. Fake Columns
6. Yo Yo
7. Oy Oy
8. Cross Columns
9. Clawed Catches
10. The Box
11. Full Shower
12. Juggler's Tennis
13. Real Tennis
14. 423
15. Under the Legs
16. One Ball Pirouette
17. Underarm Throws
18. Elbow Bounce
19. Back of the Hand
20. Off the Knee/Off the Foot
21. Basic Multiplex
22. Side Circles (Windmills)
23. Mill's Mess
24. Behind the Back