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HAPPY JIMIN DAY 🎉 collab with @Bts Meghna 😌✨💜
방탄소년단 아미shaina
방탄소년단 아미shaina 8280 粉絲數 100 總影片數 166.58萬 總觀看量 2021-10-12 發佈數據更新時間 2021-12-04
點讚比例 100%
粉絲觀看率 2.4%
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粉絲互動率 144.67%
Happy birthday Jimin 🎉✨
stay happy always 💜✨
You may be separated by a thousand distances, but my heart is always with you ⭐
I hope you always keep that beautiful smile on your face 😌
You are really amazing, amazing, talented, kind hearted and kind 💖
When I see you happy and smiling, I feel so good when I see you smile


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