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No more Vedha Thattha ? | Plastic Surgery | Live Streaming | GTA5 | Thalainagaram
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Hello Makkale!

This is Saravanan Pandian / Power Pandian / 🔥Vedha Tata🔥

Live in Coimbatore 🏡
Love traveling ❤️ 📸

Created this channel almost 10 years back
Started streaming with games like Kailaasa RP, PUBG(🤦🏻‍♂️), and Euro Truck Simulator ❤️

Started to play RP servers during Lockdown time Later after playing free servers Wanted to learn on Developing and Managing a Server which resulted in ThalaiNagaram RP server which has been Successful with Everyone's Support

The main Motivation of the Channel is to Spread Love and Happiness ❤️ No harm to anyone
If you love watching that's what I need

This channel is not made for any Income or Fanbase Just for Happiness of People 😁

Join me in Discord:

Want to meet in-game?

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Happiness is a Choice..........
@Pandian Official ❤️

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