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Walt Ribeiro "The Clicker"
Walt Ribeiro - Orchestra
Walt Ribeiro - Orchestra 4.31萬 粉絲數 169 總影片數 1316.25萬 總觀看量 2021-09-19 發佈數據更新時間 2022-11-13
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This piece is about all about growing as a conductor, and letting your mistakes be loud. This piece was written without percussion. However, when I setup the lights, audio, cameras, and rehearsals then I did test run with a metronome. No big deal because I was new at conducting and was therefore nervous. The problem is that not only did all my other recordings without the metronome not record, but the only recoding that I did correctly was from the rehearsal - with the metronome click baked into the recording!

So I had a few options:
1) Chalk it up to experience and never release this song recording
2) Release it with the click
3) Remove the click using phase cancellation, a noise gate, and some audio plugins like iZotope RX8 and a few others
4) Try and write a percussion beat in Logic Pro in order to "cover up" the click.

#1 would be sad since I spent a lot of money on this recording. #2 was fine but it was a bit disconjolting to listen to. #3 gave me poor results, to the point that removing the click always took away too much "thickness" of the recording. So I went with option #4. But as some of you on Patreon asked - I will also be uploading option #2 - the raw click version.

So now you may be asking "Since you named the song afterwards then what was the title of this piece before it was The Clicker?". The answer is "Guitar Piece". I know, I know. But it was a working title that reminded me of the days I would just sit at home and play descending arpeggios all day on the guitar. You can hear the obvious influence, it's one of those songs that is easier to play on guitar than on piano.

If there's one positive takeaway from this mistake it's that I enjoyed messing up. I enjoyed trying to see if I could come up with a solution to an otherwise aggravating problem that I caused. The other thing I like about this is that it sort of shows me what my music will sound like once I can start adding percussion (or any extra instruments, for that matter).

So enjoy this song. You'll hear the metronome click at the very end, or if you want to hear the click all the way through then the download link is at the bottom. Heck, if you wanted to add a click of your own then download the song and add your own percussion to it - it's 138bpm and licensed Creative Commons!

Thanks for all the support through all of my failed attempts these past few years. I promise to keep improving. Until then, click click click.


Download links:

Sheet music coming later tonight.