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Bear & Watermelon Macarons 곰돌이와 수박 마카롱 만들기 [SUGAR BEAN]
Sugar Bean 슈가빈
Sugar Bean 슈가빈 21.8萬 粉絲數 77 總影片數 1868.3萬 總觀看量 2021-07-19 發佈數據更新時間 2021-09-13
點讚比例 99.2%
粉絲觀看率 8%
影片預估價值 1.01萬元 - 1.82萬元
粉絲互動率 7.01%
마카롱 디저트 마카롱 만들기 마카롱만들기 캐릭터 마카롱 캐릭터마카롱 디자인 마카롱 디자인마카롱 macaron macarons dessert character macaron design macaron bake baking 베이킹 water melon 수박 수박마카롱 베어 테디베어 teddy bear bears
Hi, there!!

I made teddy bear & watermelon
macarons! 🧸🧸🍉🍉🍉
I think they are soooo cute!!

Thank you for watching always.
Have fun!💕


The ingredients are in the subtitles of video!❤️


■■■ ■■■ ■■■ FAQ■■■ ■■■ ■■■

1. What is an oven shower..??
- The oven-shower is to wait 2-3 minutes without removing the tray in the oven after baking. (with open the oven door)

2. How to dry in the oven..?? (high temp.)
- 1st preheating - turn off - put the tray in to the oven (at this time the temperature drops to 90-100℃) - 2nd preheating - start to dry, until the temperature reaches 120℃ again (with open the oven door) - close the door and bake - oven shower

Look at the subtitles in the videos, there is detailed temperature.

3. What is the name of baking mat..??
- This is called a teflon sheet.

4. How long do you whisk meringue or do macaronage with mixer..??
- It's not important how long I did.
Because we have different machines and environment..!
You should check the cocsistency of meringue or mixture frequently.

5. What kind of colors do you use?
- Chefmaster liquid colors
You can get it on ''

6. Please English subtitle
- Sorry,, My English is poor..
I can use only easy words.🙈

7. What ia your oven and type..?
- My ovens are UNOX 135 and convection type.

8. Where can I get the templetes..?
- I made all templetes myself and I am not
sharing now.. Sorry..! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

9. Do you left or bake immediately..?
- As I already explained, I do not leave it because I am drying in the oven at high temperatures for 2-3min.
It is a very useful and convenient tip to reduce the time required.
Also you can get shiny and smooth shells.

10. What kind of eggs do you use? fresh eggs or aged eggs?
- I usually use fresh eggs. But' It doesn't matter what kind of eggs you use.

11. Why do you cook in a double boiler?
This is called 'Swiss mering method'. You can
make more stable and strong meringue.

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오늘은 너무나 귀여운 곰돌이와 수박 🧸🍉🍉
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