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How To Tell If We're Beating COVID-19
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Grant's 3Blue1Brown Video: Exponential Growth and Epidemics:

Aatish's Exponential/Logistic Curve-Fitting Site:

Data Source:
Our World in Data Page on Coronavirus:

How many tests for COVID-19 are being performed around the world?

Understanding logarithmic scales:

What we can learn from the countries winning the coronavirus fight:
(Great explainer on log scales and growth curves explained in the context of COVID-19 in different countries)

This video is a collaboration with Aatish Bhatia about how to see the COVID-19 tipping point - we present a better way to graph COVID-19 coronavirus cases using a logarithmic scale in "phase space" - plotting the growth rate against the cumulative cases, rather than either of these against time.

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